IELTS Speaking Lessons from Hurray

3 Sep

This is a critical analysis as well as my personal opinion of the Speaking section of the IELTS examination and how we as an organization in particular have understood the exam better than others:
What are the typical problems that we see in a student in the speaking section and therefore methods on how to work on solving these problems

  1. Lack of practice of the topics they have not done in the institute or during practice sessions itself and therefore not being able to think well enough during the examination .I would suggest relax and be confident and speak fluently and confidently.
  2. Nervousness- this is a problem that is seen in most students, I sometimes suggest rather childish antics like shaking up and down to loosen up and feel better however there must be some way of elimination of this factor as it  hampers the marks even if the students are well versed with the topic.
  3. The one minute- As a trainer we must help them optimize their one minute to the best of their ability and this process can differ from trainer to trainer but there should be a process so as to optimize the student’s productivity. Points made should be for reference purposes only and not full sentences, at least 10-15 points and they can be elaborated for about 10 to 15 seconds each.
  4. Preparation- acclimatizing the students to a variety of topics especially those they are not comfortable with, so that they have the confidence. Also students must  keep a notebook with all the topics they have done and have knowledge of the ones they can club together.

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